Monday, August 17, 2009


we walk along together huh on the road?
in the same umbrella.
but starting now on,
it's going to be only me walking alone w/out u.

oh shit!
i hate diz feelin dyla.
really hate it.
can't even imagine my life w/out you.

woke up from the evening nap,
missed call from you,
i thought, "ok,dyla da blk nk kemas baju"
i called you only to hear dat,
"feeqa,aku da kt sp!"
omg dyla,
i'm soooo stupid because sleep at the wrong time.
i wish i can turn the time back so that i can see u.
for the last tyme.
oh shit, i can't stop crying.

i went down to find atyn to see wether she's alright or not.
she's not at her room.
i thought i shud go to rda's.
on the way there,i met atyn.
suddenly my tear drop like crazy.
atyn at least got the chance to see dyla 4 the last time.

mish ya like crazy already.
can u jz come back?
ok la.
i knew that i still can't accept the fact that u have gone.
from this uitm.
no more dyla's voice,no more dyla's laughter dat cheer up me.
dyla,i mish dat crazy laugh!
and i miss your smile.
when can i see dat sem smile on the pic again?

study smart k!
i wish u were here,but i know u dun hev any choice.
i'm jz a bit 'terkilan' cz i can't see you for the last tyme.
not a bit actually, SANGAT TERKILAN.
can't wait to see you soon dyla!!!
love you damn damn much! <3333

whose hand shud i hold after diz dyla?

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