Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Am i?

headache, full of problems and got no place to go.
am i alone?

i wonder, have i done anything wrong to you?
have i ever neglect you?
cause i think i'm being neglected. am i?

i think, do you really need me in this world?
do you really wish i'm always besides you?
cause i can't see that.
i'm useless. am i?

i felt like i'm the one who really needs you, but you don't.
at all!!
i'm not your important person. am i?

my heart hurt lots.
does anyone know?
no one!
who can be my shoulder to cry on when i think i have no one.
aahhh, i have! my BED.
pathetic am i?


probs will never let me go
and i have no one
thank you :)

you really teach me the actual meaning of friendship dear.
thank you :)

you out there, forgive me if i've done anything wrong towards you.
that's why i'm being treated like this. ryte?
thank you:)

mom, i miss you like hell.