Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Really, what did you do during this year, love?
After i know this heart was beating for you
I felt like I was going to go crazy and dead
Up until yesterday

In that long period of time
Having no other thoughts but of you
That’s how this year is passing by

All of my friends have become adults
But me
Still like an immature child
Having no other thoughts but of you
It’s just like being dead

I stop at the moments that I loved you
If I just think that I wasn’t any of these
Then it’s nothing
If I can’t forget you
It’s as if i’m dead

p/s: i'm in pieces, baby, fix me!


Puteri. said...

having thought of 'you' is not childish. (: aawwwh .. nevermind. we all have 'this' kind of moment. (: hehehhee. *giggles.

Dyana - I AM . said...

wahhhh pandai jugak berpuisi2 .(:

dylakamil said...

awatnya ni?

*yOko* said...

sumpah ak x phm pe yg kau tulis ni...
x pe2,ak nak komen gak..

AFIQah said...

put, sihat dah ke?

AFIQah said...

dyana, opkos! ;D

AFIQah said...

dyl, broken hearted :(

AFIQah said...

aku bukan ckp bhse urdu yg kau x phm izzah! ;D

Eff Ass said...

you're wasting yr time falling in love with that particular person .
but , up to you , aku ade je nk dengar pape ;)

AFIQah said...

i knew that efes, and you knew it too ryte that i'm tryin to forget him.

thanx dear!
just be by my side, and i'll be ok! :)

Anonymous said...

give me nail n tukul kuku kambing n i'll fix u immediately..
ala kul beb..
kumbang bkn satu ekor..
kmbg x mtg plak tu..
tggu kembang perawan yeah..
-love lin-

.myra. said...

na wtpe matured2 nih
umur muda ag
teheee (:

AFIQah said...

kembang perawan?

thanx lin :)

AFIQah said...

yunk, this immature of mine makes me looks stupid *sigh*

reen_sofee said...

nape ko neh weh??

DOLCEshasha said...

weyh , lek mekk .
sap kok lu =))

i noe wut u feel . im still childish too lol =,=
(lagi childish than kaw)

rda hot said...

Kau kenapa nok?

dhanial yahaya said...

awww , kenapa wey ?

AFIQah said...

sofee, hati pecah :(

AFIQah said...

apa yg nk di lek kn sha?
aku x leh nk lek ni.

AFIQah said...

pilu sat rda. hehe

AFIQah said...

broken lah dhan :D