Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Before i proceed with the news, would like to thanx Drii-chan for the selfmade banner :)

Ok, dengan semangat nye, aku, Dhanial & Teha menapak g Bukit Jalil seawal2 1230pm cz risau dpt seat blkg cz tiket kami x da no. Bikin panas ati bila sbena nye tiket tu ada no. So, apa guna kami dduk tgh2 pns tgh2 ari buta? siot!

Enterance for ticket RM 458

Our enterance. (haha, bapak jauh beza taraf)

as written on the banner, only HYUKHAE, it's the fanclub of My Eunhyuk and Donghae.

I signed it, and, yeah, i'm now officially an E.L.F :DD
(dhanial pn sign gak, apa kaitan ntah ngn dye?)

The stage, masuk2 je, sgt batak, jerit2 excited dgn Dhanial smpai ada org pandang and gelakkan kami. Sbb apa batak, sbb stage dpt dilihat dgn clear!

With my bff, Teha. Aahh, i'm wearing blue bcause it's the official colour of SUJU.

Ok, ini Dhanial, adinda EFF ASS.

Told ya ryte?
Blue is the colour, so, only blue glowing sticks are allowed. No other colours.

Concert started at 8pm with only 10 members without Kangin, Hankyung and Kibum.

The leader: Park Jungsoo a.k.a Eeteuk

The starter song, Man In Love.
Sumpah gempak! Audio kuat gila sampai jantung berdegup kuat. (eh, gitu ke? ntah, aku x reti nk explain)

On the screen is the magnae of the group, Kyuhyun.
Aahh, magnae means the youngest.

Here it is, my Donghae (eh eh, sejak bila pulak ngaku nk Donghae nih? bkn Eunhyuk ke?)
Ok, mlm tu Donghae sgt nsem, sexy and adorable, jd Eunhyuk d ketepi kan. Haha.

They are throwing their outfit. Kyaaah!!~
Time ni kau blh tgk muscle Siwon yg aisshhh, x sanggup nk sebut. Haha.
Oh ya, Eunhyuk saya, Eeteuk dan Donghae juga dah mula ada muscle :D

Ohho, ok! Look, Siwon showed his abs. And at that time you can hear thousands of girl screaming.
(ok, me too xD )
Btw, Siwon is super handsome in real life. Maksud aku, tgk dlm video dah nsem kan? Depan2 lagi hensem gila babi punya!

They were introduced by a nickname. And this cute fella got Bejewelled Eunhyuk :)

Yeah, the fish is indeed sexy xD
Why fishy? It's because Donghae means 'East Sea' so, the members and fans always called him fishy.

Teukkie, indeed an angel that fall from the sky.
There will be no suju if there's no him. The strength of the group <33

Siwon's trying to kiss Donghae and Eunhyuk tried to fail the kiss. But, hehe, Siwon did it.
(Eunhyuk and Donghae are said to be in 'some' special relationship, and yeah, we as the fans love it)
Main2 je ok relationship tu, they're straight! :)

Apa kerja tah couple dua org ni dok jalan guna tgn.
But i loikke :D

Eeteuk and Donghae

Again, Siwon's trying to make scandal with Donghae.

Song: Disco Drive
(Donghae was pointing his finger at us, the fans)

Again, the EunHae couple.
Too many pic of them huh? Peduli hapa? They are my fav :D
It's actually solo perfomance of each member of suju, but when Donghae was dancing alone on the stage, suddenly my Eunhyuk came and they dance together :)

It's What If from K.R.Y feat Sungmin
(stands for Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Yesung)
Three of them have the most powerful voice in the group.
Diorg berdiri kat tgh2, pastu yg bulat2 tu berpusing cm restoran kt Menara KL tu. Hahahha.

Ok, the funniest part, when it comes to Heartquakes song, Eunhyuk was going up as you can see in the pic. Unfortunately, the machine cannot bring him down back. And that is when I saw he grabbed the holder besides him because yeah, i admit, he's a coward. Haha. The staff then naik kan dye tinggi lagi and try bawak turun balik. Alah, yg macam korg buat kat tingkap kereta korg yg stuck too. Ok, baru je dpt turun dye kena naik balik, cz it's his part to rap, naik lagi, and x leh turun lagi, and pegang pemegang tu lagi. Haha, anda kiut lah eunhyuk!

The prettiest member, Heechul.

Don't Don song, my EunHae were fighting at the centre. (gimmick je)

Dance perfomance by Eunhyuk, Donghae, Eeteuk, Kyuhyun and Shindong.

Song: Shining Star
We have to switched off the glowing stick and switch on the small torch light given b4 the concert.
That's my Eunhyuk on the chair.

The leader cried during the Shining Star song. Yeah, he always cried in their concert, so for me it's not weird watching him crying.
Ohhh, my bff said Dongahe cried too, but i didn't noticed it.

Sorry Sorry perfomance!
Sangat gempak, but time tu tak concentrate cz on the phone ngn FS, bg dye dgr diorg nyanyi.

Heechul dressing as a girl What the heck with the teddy on his head? Hahha.
As usual, he is PABBO!

Shindong buat lompatan berani mati ke atas, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Heechul and Ryeowook.
Fuhh, nasib baik x de pape, kalau tak maw patah riuk tulang.
(bagi yg x tahu, Shindong tu a bit chubby, so, sgt lah berat)

They dance Chu from f(x).
Lagu apa tah, aku pn x tahu. Tp, Eunhyuk comel pakaki wig, and Dongahe cute pakai cap :)

The beauty took the charming prince's arm, making the fans screamed excitedly.

The fishy Donghae & anchovy Eunhyuk.

Eunhyuk's throwing sumtin towards the fans.
Erggh lucky gila sapa yg dpt.
Look, Eunhyuk holds the same monkey as mine, Hyukkie :D

Stupid Heechul, spraying the water towards the fans.

Siwon's being sprayed by Henry.

Misi membalas dendam terhadap org yg x bersalah. X memasal je Zhou Mi mandi air mineral satu botol.

Waving at the fans.

Again, crazy Heechul playing with the members.
Padahal semua tunduk kat fans, dye pakai ketayap org jawa tu, then bajet2 cm org tunduk kat dye. Hahahah, sengal!

My Donghae, sitting, giving the last wave to the fans.

Concert ends at 1130 pm. Waaaa!!~ rasa x nk blk, nk lari2 pegi backstage jumpa Donghae.
Ssokay, next time dtg, nk pegi lagi and amek seat dpn2 muka Donghae. Haha.


*yOko* said...

wah..bez nyer hidup..
peluang seumur idup ni..

Nabila said...

cool! :)

AFIQah said...

haha, x de seumur hidup je, nnt diorg dtg lg aku nk g lg.

AFIQah said...

nabila, yeap, cool gila :D

DOLCEshasha said...

huhuhu . Rugi gell tak dapat pegi :(
Gila syiall nyesal . huhu .

btw , kaw tak plak kol bg aku dengaq lagu yang aku suka uhh . 1st song yg wat aku jth ati kat Dolly :(
fine !

dylakamil said...

haha betul2 punya obsess kau ni dgn kumpulan ni, heheeh

AFIQah said...

lagu apa yg kau suka?

and fyi, i called her using maxis number n my celcom hp was out of battery, so, tell me how can i call both of u in the same time?

AFIQah said...

dyl, opkos :D

DyanaBangs said...

sakan siakk kau !

mohamadazrulhaqim said...

feeqa..sory la ak xdpt join geng2 super junior yg len wat performance.. xdpt dtg mlysia.. ak flu lg nie..xdpt jumpe fans kat malaysia.. hahahaha

btw, bapak best wehh..

dya said...

sumpah aku excited baca post ni since im waiting for it..

it was totally FUN ;))

rda said...

Haha. Gila panjang nak scroll. Haha. Kau ni gila obses.

AFIQah said...

dyana, org dtg dr jauh, mana blh x sakan :D

AFIQah said...

hahaha, x pe aqem, super show 3 nnt kau jgn x dtg plak ;p

btw, kau knl ke diorg smpai kau rasa best ni?

AFIQah said...

dayah, seriously, kau knl ke diorg?

nadirah_nor said...

bapakk lahh wei
jeless bhaii

AFIQah said...

rda, full of pics :D
kalau aku obses, aku dah x de kat malaysia dah, aku jd koreab :D

AFIQah said...

nor, aku ajak g x maw.

haha, x pe, kangin x de :D

.zigha. said...

cayala weh. kau hafal semua nama kot! hahaha :D

AFIQah said...

haha, zigha 13 termasuk real names :)

Nabila said...

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kena pegi dashboard.
then nanti nampak word 'manage' dia dalam kotak biru
kelik ayat tu.

then nanti tersenarai byk link blog yg kite follow
kalau nak stop follow kite,
cari je 'nabilalala'

then dekat sebelah die ade tulis 'setting'
kelik setting tu,
nanti nampak word stop following.

beruang said...

ang cam ngah wat dokumentasi prgram..
njoy ur passion..

AFIQah said...

nabila, ok :)

AFIQah said...

bear, haha, x cukup pnjg kalau nk buat dokumentasi ;D

thanx ;p

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mmg best pun :D