Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It's July, and You Know What It Means: BIRTHDAY #2

4th July
Lambat sehari, kisah ah, aku busy. Haha.
Happy Birthday to Akanishi Jin, Along & Yoo Doo Joon!

I maybe lost about how you're doing right now, but still, you're my first love.
Go, achieve your dream.
I'm still your number 1 fan :))

Dah tua, so, x payah nak menggelabah sangat dgn aku.
X payah nak carik gaduh sgt bila dah ada anak tu ;p
Walaupun x best mana, but still, you are the best sister *since you are the only sister I have -.-

New crush?
Semoga berjaya rebut tempat dengan Jungie xP
Keep on guiding your dongsaeng well because the main reason I fall for you is you are one of a good and warm leader I've ever seen ^^